All in One SEO Pack

WordPress is an open source blog publishing application and can be used for basic content management.WordPress Plug-ins is the extensions that add bonus function to the basic WordPress software. These are what turn the basic blog program into a full content management system. Using WordPress plug-ins is the best way to customize WordPress blog as per needs.I’m going to explain about most useful plug-ins of WordPress through it you can do blogging easier.All in One SEO Pack – All in one SEO pack is most commonly used plug in. It is automatically optimizes your titles for search engines and generates Meta tags automatically. All in One SEO Pack is helpful to avoid the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs. Information Security Blog

Google Analytics for WordPress – Google Analytics for WordPress plug-in is simple to use and easy to implement your Google analytics code into WordPress blog.This plug-in also tracks outbound links, blogroll links, downloads and AdSense Clicks. It is also works with Urchin that mean you, can also integrate your urchin code with this plug-in in WordPress blog.Google XML Sitemaps – This Plug-in will build Sitemap.xml for better indexing of your blog. You can also customize Sitemap.xml as pet your needs i.e. include or exclusion of categories or tags.It will automatically generate Sitemap.xml and update into Google webmaster tool, yahoo webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool every tine ones you updated your blog with new blog post.Secure WordPress – This plug-in little helps for securing blog by removing error information on login page. It also helps to stop hacking attempts on your blog by eliminating wp-version tag.


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