Know The Exciting Facts About The vivo S1 Pro Price

The Vivo S1 Pro smartphone is available from all leading retailers in India. It features the advanced camera of a professional smartphone and is packed with a huge amount of features and applications. The user interface, too, is quite neat and intuitive and doesn’t lack in any way. If you are planning to buy the Vivo S1 Pro, make sure to check out the features that we have listed down here.

The Vivo S1 Pro has a sleek and attractive design that makes it look extremely powerful and sophisticated. The back glass of this smartphone is just 6.2mm and you will find it very easy to grip even on a rough surface. The powerful camera of the vivo s1 pro can shoot in high resolution, though the camera app does not allow you to do manual focus.

A fast charging base is what makes this handset run smoothly. It has a quad-core processor and ample RAM so that you do not face any hindrance while multitasking. The battery life of the vivo s1 pro is very long and you can use it comfortably up to a whole day without charging it. You can also enjoy a lucid dream state if you download the Vuplay App from the Google Play Store. The battery of this handset runs for a long time before the screen lights up giving you an experience like no other.

The memory of the vivo s1 pro is just 8GB and this can be expanded using micro SD card so that you can add more applications and features to your phone. The device also features an Adreno bright engine along with other advanced processing power vivo s1 pro  that allows you to enjoy a powerful multimedia experience. The dual-core chipset and the speedy Wi-Fi connectivity make this handset a great entertainment centre. The quick charge system of the vivo s1 pro ensures that you can get over your day’s hustle very quickly.

You can enjoy a lucid photographic experience with the innovative motion sensor which allows you to capture moving images with precision. The front and rear cameras of this smartphone have got an auto focus as well as image stabilization which enables you to take crisp photos of nature with good clarity. The vivo s1 pro also comes with a wide, 5 mega pixel camera with f/2.2 aperture and optical zoom. This smartphone comes with a huge amount of memory that will ensure that you never run out of space to store pictures. The Android operating system of this smartphone supports a large number of apps including Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and many more.

The vivid colors of the vivo s1 pro price comparison are made possible thanks to the Mobile Data Network (MDS). This facility offers fast data sharing for online chatting, video conferencing and real-time communication. You can also enjoy music playing on the ride-on speaker system with its loud and clear stereo sound quality. The vivid colors in the handset make it very attractive and you will love the way it looks. The price of this smartphone is reasonably high but you can always look for a better deal online.